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Amy Childs: "I might be Rylan Clark's next surrogate mother"

Amy Childs has predicted X Factor star Rylan Clark might want her to be his surrogate mother.

Clark, who left the show during its live stages late last year, has stated that he would like to become a father at some point in the future.

The openly gay singer said that he would consider using a surrogate mother - and reality TV star Amy Childs believes she could be next in line for the job. She told Digital Spy:

"He'll have a beautiful baby, Rylan. He's so pretty. He's changing the mums though, isn't he? First it was that girl from Two Shoes, now it's Claire [Richards] out of what's-it-called [Steps]. It'll be me next."

Clark - who won this year's Celebrity Big Brother - impressed Childs on TV, with the singer staying true to himself. She said:

"I'm so proud of Rylan. He done so well. He was so natural on Big Brother. Watching him in that house he was Rylan all over. He's like that all day long. I spoke to him on Saturday and said I know he's going to be mental busy, but I hope he's okay."





Watch Rylan Clark on the X Factor below:


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