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Skrillex partners with Cirque du Soleil for Las Vegas club residency

Dubstep superstar Skrillex has announced that he will be taking up a nightclub residency in Las Vegas later this year.

Speaking to the Rolling Stone, the 'Bangarang' hitmaker explained that Cirque du Soleil will be launching a new venue (see conceptual drawings below) at the Mandalay Bay hotel on April 26 and he has signed up to DJ at the location:

"The LIGHT Skrillex show is gonna be only in Vegas. I want it be distinct to the LIGHT club because the configuration is so customizable, it's f**king crazy. That's the thing about the club, too: they can do anything, so it's how you maximize the dynamic of a great show with all their fucking bells and whistles and all of their budgets and resources to do anything."

Despite teaming up with Cirque du Soleil, Skrillex was quick to admit that he's cautious about including their performances in his live set:

"It's not about having acrobats for my set. For me, personally, the objective is to have something based around your music and something you want to dance to, not something you want to stare at the whole time. But how do you make the environment completely immersive? I think that's the goal for my show, at least."





Watch Skrillex's video for 'First Of The Year (Equinox)' here: