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Producer on Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP': "It is completely unique"

A producer working on Lady Gaga's new album has described it as "completely unique".

Zedd, who often works as a DJ, is producing a number of tracks for her 'ARTPOP' album, which is due to be released this year.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he revealed that the record is looking so open-ended and "crazy" that it seems they are coming up with a new sound. He said:

"The fact that she is so open-minded musically and creatively has made it easier in some ways. She wants me to do the craziest songs I can possibly do. I'm not thinking about fitting a shoe on the right foot. We're doing something completely unique and what we think is new. "

Zedd continued: "She's not been saying, 'You need to please my fans so make the songs sound like this', we've just made music."





Watch Lady Gaga perform live below: