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B*Witched: 'One Direction need to get counselling'

Reformed Irish pop group B*Witched have admitted that fame at a young age comes with a cost and boyband One Direction will probably need therapy during their collective career.

Member Edele Lynch, who struggled with depression and substance abuse, explained that the pressures of being thrown into the spotlight at such a young age can be overwhelming and the temptations are often impossible to give in to: "Going forward, I think bands need support from day one."

When asked if One Direction would benefit from therapy, she added: "Yes. They're so young."

Keavy Lynch also said: "Boys hold a lot more in. You do hope that they get more personal time than we did. Every waking moment, someone wanted a piece of you in one way or another. It just got too much in the end."

"I had a breakdown because of it. It was too much. I want to get youngsters like One Direction and go, 'Please, just get some professional help. I promise you you'll need it. Just start now'."





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