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Brian May on badger cull bill passing: 'It's a tragedy'

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has spoken out about his frustration after the government approved a bill to cull badgers.

The rocker has been campaigning against it for some time and even collected 167,000 signatures on a petition against the cull so was heartbroken to discover that the bill had been passed. Speaking about it, May explained:

"My initial reaction was sadness really, and a certain amount of frustration, obviously, and kind of despondency. Everybody thought that because we won the debate (in the House of Commons), that the cull was off, but it's not. It's never been so. The government has never taken its foot off the pedal."

"I think it's very, very sad... This is a tragedy for Britain's wildlife... I think it's disastrous and a tragedy."





Watch May discuss the badger cull situation below: