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Actor Matthew Fox: 'My daughter's into One Direction, but I want her to listen to real music'

'Lost' actor Matthew Fox has admitted that while his teenage daughter is obsessed with boyband One Direction, he would rather her listen to anything else because he doesn't see the band as real musicians at all.

During an interview with Conan O'Brien, he explained that 15-year-old Kyle (pictured below next to her father) loves the UK based group and they often argue about them so can't even discuss the 'What Makes You Beautiful' heartthrobs in conversation anymore without things getting heated:

"She's a huge One Direction fan. She's got this major crush on Harry Styles. And I'm a huge music fan and we're having that classic father-child argument about music right now. So I'm trying to encourage her to explore music that's outside of the boy bands."

46-year-old Fox added: "I upset her every time we talk about One Direction, so we've pretty much had to agree to not talk about One Direction at all. Every time she brought up One Direction, I felt it was my responsibility to bust their chops, and she would get very upset."





Watch footage of One Direction performing live with member Niall Horan on guitar below: