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Emma Bunton follows Geri Halliwell and takes the tube in London

After Geri Halliwell's first journey on the London Underground in 17 years yesterday, fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton was inspired and decided to follow suit by doing the same today.

She shared several photographs of herself hiding behind a Metro newspaper while sitting on a Northern line train and posing on the platform (both shown below).

Speaking about her journey on the tube during her Heart FM radio show earlier, she explained that it was fun and was also shocked at how many attractive men she saw:

"I really enjoyed it and I said 'Good morning'. But can I just tell you one other thing? Wow, there are some hotties down on the tube! I’m not joking, really handsome men! I was like, “Hello, good morning to you!” There were some nice men down there."

The only trouble Bunton encountered was a dodgy Oyster card, but besides that she liked how quickly she managed to get to work, adding:

"I got an Oyster card and as soon as I put it down, it said ‘seek assistance’. I started saying hello to people but no-one was having any of it. I know everyone has to do it in the mornings and the rush hour in the afternoons and it’s a toughie, but I enjoyed my moment.”





Watch her perform 'I Know Him So Well' with Melanie C here: