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Blue's Lee Ryan tells One Direction to avoid music industry's "dark demons"

Blue star Lee Ryan has given some advice to One Direction - don't get in with the wrong crowd.

The singer was catapulted into mainstream fame in the early 2000s with the 'One Love' boyband before splitting in 2005 and recently reuniting.

Ryan is quoted in The Sun as warning One Direction against the pitfalls of fame - mainly the "demons" which can be associated with the celebrity lifestyle. He said:

"They seem like down-to-earth guys, but they need to make sure they have the right people around them and don't get led up the garden path."

Ryan continued: "The industry is hard. There's a perception that it's all glamour and parties, but the actual truth is that there are a lot of dark demons that live there."

Blue meanwhile are currently appearing on nostalgic ITV series The Big Reunion after being added at the last-minute.





Watch the video for Blue's 'Hurt Lovers' below: