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Blue's Lee Ryan denies ruining Dave Grohl's after-party

Lee Ryan has denied he angered Dave Grohl by turning up one of his after-parties drunk.

As previously reported, the Foo Fighters man was quoted in an interview saying that the Blue singer recently appeared overly squiffy at a party following a Sound City Players gig in London.

It is said Ryan bragged about his band's success and caused a general nuisance.

Speaking to Digital Spy, the pop star confirmed that he was at the party, but said he was just "p*ssed like the rest of them" and was on good terms with Grohl.

He said: "[Dave Grohl] messaged me...and he's like, 'No, I never said that'. He messaged me through our PA and said, 'Tell Lee I'm sorry about that, I don't know where that came from, but Lee's a really cool guy, I really love him'.

Ryan continued: "Me and him were doing shots with each other at the bar, it was wicked. For me he's such a rock legend...I didn't ruin his party, I was just p*ssed like the rest of them. I think what he said was, 'Lee was wrecked out of his head', and I was."





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