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Geri Halliwell over shares on Twitter by chatting about sex

Spice Girls hitmaker Geri Halliwell has entertained her 199,000 followers on Twitter today by choosing to relate several of her messages to the topic of sex.

The singer, who recently shared her experience of the London Underground with her fans on the social networking site, wished a fan 'happy birthday', but went one step further and added a very personal anecdote to the tweet:

"Happy birthday! Don't tell anyone, i had my 1st worthy orgasm at 30."

She later returned to Twitter and uploaded photographs of her lunch and used the popular Instagram tag 'food porn', but admitted she had to ask her waiter if there was a certain term to describe taking a photo of your food up close:

"Food porn.... Close up. ( I just asked the cafe guy what is the ref word for close up porn he didn't know). Cafe guy waiter use to have a big city job, now he does what he loves. I admire that. . Making Coffee is an art."





Watch Halliwell perform a solo version of 'Wannabe' here: