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Baz Luhrmann on Jay-Z's 'Great Gatsby' contribution: 'He was a natural fit'

Movie director Baz Luhrmann has praised rapper Jay-Z for his work on the soundtrack for his latest film, 'The Great Gatsby'.

During an interview with Life & Times, Luhrmann explained that he really "connected" with Jay-Z on the music he produced for the motion picture: "[Jay-Z and I] connected over the idea of doing what Fitzgerald did – using popular music, the music of the streets, a blend, jazz, hip-hop and popular music throughout the film."

"In our thinking it became clear to us both, especially given the variety of artists we were working with, that this was no ordinary soundtrack and no ordinary music collaboration."

Luhrmann added that a chance meeting with the '99 Problems' hitmaker acted like a mark of fate and he knew they had to work together on the project: "When you are talking hip-hop, collaboration, and storytelling, the first person I think of is Jay-Z, and this is where it seemed serendipitous that Leo [DiCaprio] and I found ourselves with Jay on the night he was recording “No Church in the Wild” in New York."





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