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Avril Lavigne on new album: 'It happened so fast, I'm so excited'

Pop-rocker Avril Lavigne has revealed that she didn't intend to release her forthcoming new album so soon and it was LA Reid that pushed for an earlier date.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show, the songstress explained that after Reid heard her songs he wanted them to be out as soon as possible and she's actually still working on finishing the album off:

"I've been working on this record for a year, so it's been quite a while. As soon as I played [producer LA Reid] the song, he wanted to put it out right away. So I'm actually still in the studio - I'm still making my record."

"I still have one more song left to write that I'm going to do by myself, because I love to do that. It's important for me. But it's just - it's all happened so fast, and I'm so excited."

Along with confirming that she has done a collaboration with Marilyn Manson, Lavigne added that she's particularly excited about a track called 'Hello Kitty': "I'm really excited about the song 'Hello Kitty' that I've written for this record, because I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty and it's really fun and the sound is different. It sounds like nothing I've done before, and I even throw a little bit of Japanese in it."





Check out her new single, 'Here's To Never Growing Up', below: