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South Florida Gay News associate publisher hits back at Norm Kent's Adam Lambert tirade

Following the publication of Norm Kent's tirade against Adam Lambert being on his company's newspaper's front cover recently, the associate publisher of the South Florida Gay News wrote a rebuttle.

Kent, publisher of South Florida Gay News, posted a message yesterday (April 17) slamming the 'Trespassing' superstar for gracing the front page for nothing more than splitting with his boyfriend and explaining that Lambert "has not made a career promoting gay rights. He has made a career promoting himself, his music, and his albums."

Jason Parsley, the associate publisher, has now hit back at the claims made by Kent and confirmed that he strongly disagrees. Of Lambert's activism for the LGBT community, he writes: "In May he’ll be traveling to Vienna to perform at Europe’s largest HIV fundraiser, Life Ball. In 2011 for his 29th birthday Lambert set a fundraising record for charity: Water, which brings safe drinking water into developing nations. He raised more than $320,000. His starting goal was a measly $29,000, proving the power of his celebrity status. These few items only scratch the surface."

Parsley continues: "I disagree with the piece – and him – wholeheartedly. Kent attempted to make the case that Lambert hasn’t done anything for the gay community in his short few years on the public stage. But what my publisher obviously failed to realize is just how much Adam Lambert has been doing for the gay community."

"He’s the first mainstream pop artist to come out at the beginning of their career. Look how long it took celebrities like Elton John or George Michael to come out?"

"Adam Lambert isn’t just making a difference in America, he’s making a difference all over the world. He recently performed in Russia, a country that may ban foreign gay couples from adopting children; that is trying to ban ‘homosexual propaganda;’ and last year Moscow banned Pride marches in the city for the next 100 years. Yet Lambert performed there giving young LGBT people in Russia hope and a role model to look up to."





Watch footage from Lambert's red carpet arrival at today's (April 18) Chinese Music Awards here: