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Psy thanks Green Day singer for calling him the "herpes of music"

Psy has responded surprisingly positively to Billie Joe Armstrong after the punk-rocker suggested that he was the music equivalent of herpes.

The Green Day star made the remark recently on his Instagram page - but it seems the jibe has actually gone down well with the Korean.

Psy told Fuse that he likes the idea of being compared to something that likes to "keep coming back". He said:

"I kinda like it, it's cool. So he's saying I'm like herpes? I should say something to him. What was his name? Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, he's saying I'm like herpes, it keeps coming back. I think it's really cool and I appreciate that. Thank you."

The Korean star recently released the follow-up to his monster hit track 'Gangnam Style' with new single 'Gentleman'.

It has already racked up over three hundred million views as he looks to beat the one billion play benchmark set by his previous single.





Watch Psy's Gentleman' video below: