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The Lumineers' bass player recalls bloody stage incident

Ben Wahamaki, bass player for 'Ho Hey' hitmakers The Lumineers, has revealed that he had an accident on stage during a recent concert in Europe that left him with blood running down his face while he played live. 

The musician explained that he was at a gig in Europe and knocked himself in the head with a mandolin, but soldiered through the injury and carried on playing because he didn't want to make a scene or disappoint the fans:

"I hit myself with the mandolin at one point in Europe - it might have been UK now that I think about it. I hit myself on the forehead and it was bleeding. I felt really weird and self conscious about it. Our show is not the kind of thing where people bleed. It's hardly Slipknot."

He also opened up about the band's growing success and added that it's been great to see the venues progress from small dives to huge halls and festivals: "I think it's been really interesting, moving into bigger places, trying to figure out how to make energy feel bigger and work on projecting that. It's very different to playing house shows, trying to get people really excited while playing much larger rooms I think there is lots of the same principle but it's really fun."

The Lumineers are set to perform this summer across a host of festivals including Reading and Leeds, Glastonbury and T in the Park.





Watch The Lumineers perform for Yahoo! On the Road below: