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Rita Ora: "Beyoncé is the God of vocals"

Platinum-haired singer Rita Ora says Beyoncé is the "God of vocals".

The R.I.P songstress signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label in 2009, and has since shared a friendship with the super successful couple.

Ora looks up to international songstress Beyoncé, and gushed in an interview with Marie Claire:  "It’s like your idol giving you the seal of approval. I loved Destiny’s Child growing up so the fact she knows who I am and listens to my music and gives me good advice is amazing.

She added: "She just sometimes goes ‘change that riff’ or ‘that sounds great’… she’s just very quick… but when she speaks, you know to listen to the advice. It’s amazing for me. She’s like the God of vocals."

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have daughter Blue Ivy together, and Ora has joked about the tot's impressive designer closet.

She quipped: "I’d definitely want to raid Blue Ivy’s wardrobe more than Beyoncé’s. It is probably like bigger than both of their wardrobes put together. That’s the wardrobe I wanna be in!"





Watch a recent live performance from Ora here: