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Matthew Morrison wants more straight stars to support gay rights

Matthew Morrison believes more straight celebrities should lend their support to gay rights.

The Glee actor is a keen advocate of LGBT issues and the TV show isn't one to shy away from similar issues.

Speaking to the Independent, Morrison said that he thinks more people would take notice of gay rights discussions if there were more straight celebrities and people in general giving their support to the cause. He said:

“I just think it’s ridiculous that a loving and committed gay or lesbian couple can’t get married just because they’re different. The case is more impactful when it comes from a straight person because the people you’re trying to persuade may not buy into it when they see a gay person talking."

In the same interview, Morrison also attacked TV talent shows for fast-tracking singers into the spotlight, adding:

"What scares me about these shows is that a lot of people aren’t properly trained so they’re wrecking their voices because they don’t know how to sing properly. There’s something about paying your dues and going through rejection. I was very excited when I got a Broadway role where my character actually had a name. Now I’m on a global TV show and I'm a lot more recognisable, but I think that I’ve earned it."





Watch Matthew Morrison perform live below:


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