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Jake Bugg says One Direction comments weren't personal

Jake Bugg has spoken out about his friction with One Direction, insisting that it wasn't personal.

The British singer-songwriter was regularly embroiled in slagging matches with the 'Kiss You' boyband over the last few months.

One Direction's comparisons to the Beatles was a major point for Bugg, who quickly dismissed the notion.

Speaking to Gigwise, however, the young musician said that it was not personal criticism and that he was just being truthful. Bugg said:

"With the One Direction thing you know, it weren't personal. Someone said they were like The Beatles, which I thought, you know, is ridiculous."

He continued: "The thing is about The Beatles is they wrote great songs, so it's not a personal thing, it could be about any band. Some people do play it safe and it works for some people. For me, if someone asks me something I'm gonna give my most honest and truthful answer and I'm not afraid to give my opinion, as long as that doesn't involve anyone personally. I don't mind speaking about me personally, but anyone else that's just unfair."





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