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Jonas Brothers: 'Releasing 'First Time' next just feels right'

Pop-rock trio Jonas Brothers have opened up about their decision to release 'First Time' as their follow up single to 'Pom Poms'.

Speaking to MTV News about their new offering, member Nick explained that because of the 'different' sound it boasts they felt it might attract people who aren't already fans of theirs:

"I think it felt right. It felt like the kind of song that people that weren't maybe as familiar with our music and maybe wouldn't have called themselves fans would respond positively to because it's so different for us. "

"Or, at least, I hope they will and it's one of my favorites, one of all of our favorites, I think from the minute we created it. So hopefully it's a positive reaction and it goes over great live. It's a big party when we play that song."





Watch the heartthrobs perform 'First Time' during a recent show here: