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Westboro Baptist Church slam One Direction: 'They are f*g-enabling perverts'

The USA's Westboro Baptist Church has launched a vile campaign against UK based boyband One Direction, in which they accuse the heartthrobs of being "perverts" and "freaks".

In a series of posts uploaded to the organisation's official Facebook page this weekend, the WBC slams the 'Little Things' superstars as being detrimental to their young fans and encouraging 'lustful' behaviour:

"WBC will picket this perverted pop boy band from the UK who claim to be the world’s #1 band."

"Indeed, they are a perfect representation of this filthy world and the sin-chasing, f*g-enabling, God-hating, Christ-rejecting UK who has banned WBC from preaching within her borders."

"These freaks and their fans think it’s funny for these five perverts to grab each other’s asses on stage. They glamorize sin and make a mock of God’s standards. Their one purpose is to encourage the youth of this generation to pursue every lust their evil hearts can imagine."

In addition to targeting One Direction, who are currently touring the USA on their 'Take Me Home' run of dates, they also recently went after Taylor Swift and labelled her a "proud whore".





Watch footage of One Direction messing about on stage with a candy thong here: