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Justin Bieber's mother: 'I try not to get involved in his dating life'

Pattie Mallette, the mother of Canadian superstar Justin Bieber, has revealed that although she loves her son dearly she tries to stay out of his love life as he needs to make his own decisions and mistakes.

Speaking to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, the beauty explained that she's concerned about his dating choices as a mother but knows how important it is to give him space to grow and learn on his own:

"I think every mom wants their child with a great person. I'm gonna support him no matter who he chooses. I don't wanna get too involved in his dating life.”

Referring to the constant rumours that surround the 'Boyfriend' heartthrob's personal life, Mallette added that she does have to intervene occasionally and calls him to discuss stories she has read:

"There's always things that are made up. People like to sensationalise things. He handles that side of things pretty well: he tries not to let that kind of thing bother him. Sometimes when I see something and I'm not with him I will call and we will talk...I think that whatever he's going through, whether in the public eye or not, he's always had to do things his own way and no matter what way he has to get there, he's gonna come out on top.”





Watch Mallette talk about her son's tattoos below:


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