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Mutya Keisha Siobhan hate being called the "original Sugababes"

Mutya Keisha Siobhan have expressed their dislike for being referred to as the "original Sugababes."

Although the trio – Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy – were the founding members of British girl group Sugababes, they do not like being associated with their old band name.

In an interview with The Observer Mutya objected to the tag of MKS being the "original Sugababes".

She stated: "I hate that word, 'original.'"

Her band mates conquered as Siobhan agreed: "Hate it!"

Keisha added: "It makes us feel 150 years old."

The band also explained that their old band name is not as important as their new music as Siobhan argued: "It doesn't matter who owns the name now. That's paperwork."

Mutya explained: "Our music speaks for us. Unfortunately they [the other Sugababes] don't have our vocals. Well, fortunately, actually."

Mutya Keisha Siobhan previously revealed that they could have used the name Sugababes but chose not to.

The trio will release their single 'Flatline' on September 6. 





Watch the video for 'Flatline' below: