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Scooter Braun on Justin Bieber: 'I care about him, I can't let the negativity affect us'

Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun has revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he tries very hard not to let the negative press surrounding the Canadian heartthrob get under his skin.

Braun explained that it's tough to keep reading bad press about the 19-year-old after working so closely with him and developing a close bond, but he has to remind himself that a lot of the stories are completely false:

"I care about him, I care about all of my artists. I don't want to see them going through anything. There are times when I have to wake myself up and remind myself that 99% of the stuff being said is not true and I can't let it affect me. Just because it's being reported all over the press doesn't mean it's true."

Braun added that like other people in general, the 'Boyfriend' hitmaker isn't perfect although he knows when to keep his behaviour in check: "When he does make a mistake, he's 19. He's going to make mistakes, all of us make mistakes."

"We tell our youth, 'we want you to be great... we want you to change the world', but the moment our youth actually exceed our expectations, we belittle their achievements. We tell them, 'Oh, well they're young; it's not credible.'"






Watch Bieber's music video for 'All Around The World' here: