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Ariana Grande on Mariah Carey comparisons: 'It's a real blessing'

Rising star Ariana Grande has revealed that having her vocal ability compared to that of Mariah Carey's is an incredible compliment. 

She was recently asked by Rolling Stone how it feels to be likened to the 'Obsessed' hitmaker and she confessed that there is nothing better to hear as a singer:

"It's a blessing to get the comparison. When you look at 'The Way' it's obvious, but I'm not worried about it."

"It's a massive compliment; she's the greatest singer in the world, like literally, [she's in] The Guinness Book of World Records. It's an incredible compliment but it doesn't worry me, because when you listen to my album as a whole, you get to know me."

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes recently told reporters that he expects her to become the Mariah Carey of this generation: "I think she can do incredible things in the music industry without being compared to someone like Mariah Carey, which is amazing - it's like the biggest compliment you can ever receive and what she's doing with her music is so incredible. In ten years' time, people will be saying, 'This girl's the next Ariana Grande.'"






Watch her music video for 'Baby I' below:


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