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Justin Bieber says his new songs are only going to get better

Justin Bieber has whetted fans' appetites by proclaiming that his new tracks are going to get better and better.

The Canadian unleashed the long-awaited song 'Heartbreaker' at midnight (October 7) as part of his new Music Mondays project.

He is set to unleash a new tune every Monday for ten weeks as he showcases his seemingly prolific songwriting form.

However, it seems 'Heartbreaker' is just the beginning in terms of quality too. Bieber tweeted:

"Each week the songs get better #musicmondays."

He added: "Maybe u might get lucky with two songs in a week."

'Heartbreaker' is available on iTunes and it is already making an impact on the music company's charts across the globe. Listen to 'Heartbreaker' below: