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Miley Cyrus offered $1 million to direct a porn film

'Wrecking Ball' beauty Miley Cyrus has been made a rather impressive financial offer by a film production company to direct a pornographic movie. 

GameLink sent a letter to the superstar's representatives earlier this week, in which the company asks if she would be interested in getting behind the camera to direct a raunchy offering because she is an "empowered 21st century woman".

The letter, which was obtained by TMZ, was written by vice president Jeff Dillon and reads: "GameLink would like to offer you the very lucrative opportunity to direct an adult film, giving you full creative control, for ONE MILLION dollars."

"We at GameLink feel like this gives you a chance to finally show the world that you are not a little girl anymore, and you won't bow to the pressures of the likes of Sinead O'Connor, who is jealous of your success [....] We've been watching your career with great interest as you break past your child star persona and become an empowered young woman that is unapologetic about your lifestyle, especially when it comes to expressing your sexuality."

Cyrus, who looks set to score a double No.1 on the UK singles and albums chart this week, has not yet been reached for comment. 






Listen to Cyrus's collaboration with Britney Spears below: