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The Spice Girls reveal how they got their nicknames

Melanie B, of the Spice Girls fame, has opened up about how the iconic girl band got their memorable monikers. 

She explained to Cosmopolitan magazine that Top of the Pops magazine was responsible for renaming the members Posh, Scary, Baby, Ginger, and Sporty, and that the names caught on straight away:

"It was actually a teeny bopper magazine called Top of the Pops who gave us our names. We were already established as the Spice Girls, but they wrote a story about us and within it they called us each something different. The names stuck, so we went with it!"

Singer Mel B, meanwhile, has just returned with her new solo single 'For Once In My Life' and admitted that she didn't want to announce it in a huge dramatic way so has just gone about her business in a normal way:

"I didn't make any big announcement whatsoever! I just sort of hit send on my computer, and out into the atmosphere it went! I kind of did it under the radar."






Watch her music video for the single here: