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Jake Bugg slams British music education in schools

Singer-songwriter Jake Bugg has criticised the way that British schools teach music because it's always style over substance where musical education is concerned. 

He opened up about the way the subject is taught in UK schools to the NME and explained that teachers are quick to shed light on theory and rules, but aren't so keen to let children pick up and play instruments:

"I failed my GCSE music theory test. Teachers should be giving kids guitars, giving them instruments instead of teaching them what a f**king semi-quaver is. It might be useful to know but it's not what is really important: music comes from the soul. Even if it's just three chords, if you're being honest and singing about something that means something to you, that's what music is about."

"Let kids pick up an instrument and discover it for themselves and enjoy it. I got bored of music at school. I hated it. For working class bands it's hard to find time to practise because you've all got to have jobs. School's that time when you're all together and you have got that place."

Bugg will release his sophomore album, 'Shangri La', on November 18 and he will hit the road later this month for a headlining tour that will take him across the country. 






Watch Bugg's music video for 'What Doesn't Kill You' below: