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Sarah Harding: 'Miley Cyrus is acting out like I did when I was younger'

Girls Aloud songstress Sarah Harding has given her opinion on the recent style overhaul and change in Miley Cyrus's behaviour

The blonde singer told Now magazine that she went through a similar phase as a youngster and was known as the 'wild child' of the group, so she understands what the 'Wrecking Ball' beauty is doing and also what she must be going through:

"I see why Miley twerking with that foam finger caused a bit of a stir... I mean, it was a bit much."

"I was called the wild child of Girls Aloud, but that was me just playing up to the role. It wasn't really me. But she's all about the shock factor. She's getting headlines, so it's probably great for her sales and her image."

Harding added that as a former child star, it's probably just a natural reaction to try and prove how much she has grown up so everything she does is now being seen as shocking and rebellious in comparison to her 'Hannah Montana' persona:

"In her defence, she's having a bit of fun, isn't she? I think it's just a big reaction to the way she used to be. Miley got into it young and is totally rebelling, like Britney Spears did. Americans seem to go to extremes very quickly."



Watch an interview with Harding from earlier this summer below:


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