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The 1975 'Girls' video director: "We set out to make a video about a band not wanting to make a video"

The director of Brit band The 1975's mock-pop video for their latest single ‘Girls’ has been discussing the ideas behind it. 

To open the video lead singer Matthew Healey pokes fun at the band’s previous videos by saying: “Everything feels totally wrong… We’re not a pop band… It needs to be black-and-white for a start.”

The Adam Powell-directed video then goes on to see Manchester quartet caught up in typical pop video scenarios of colourful backdrops and scantily clad models.

Talking to MTV about the ‘Girls’ video the director stated: "We set out to make a video about a band not wanting to make a video."

Powell went on: “It's really funny to me, the impression people have of the music industry and music video directors. It's fun to play with that image. This is really the first time I've had such a direct conversation with a fan base through my work. We're all kind of poking fun at each other, and it's a really great thing to be a part of.”

He concluded: “I had the best of both worlds, being able to make a full-on pop video but [to also] be kind of cheeky, silly, and subversive, you know?” 

Earlier this year The 1975's single 'Chocolate' was named the best song played on Radio 1 in the past five years. 





Watch the video for 'Girls' below: