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Jake Bugg: 'Good songs just write themselves'

British singer Jake Bugg has revealed that great tracks don't require a lot of effort to write as the content just comes from the heart. 

Speaking at the 2013 Barclaycard Mercury Prize in London last night (October 30), the singer explained that if it's a good song it will just form itself organically and the writer won't feel as though the creativity has been forced:

"I believe songs write themselves, sometimes when I'm writing a song you just sing words, and its subconscious. Like when I wrote this song 'Broken', the word 'broken' kept coming out, it's you brain or your heart trying to tell you something."

Although he lost out on the prize to James Blake, Bugg added that he's excited to release his second album, 'Shangri La', next month and said that he was advised to just get it out as quickly as possible:

"I wanted to get this second album out relatively quickly. I didn't want to rush it, but I was a bit worried about it and Noel said, 'Don't think about it.' His second record [with Oasis] was just a load of songs that he'd written, songs he just had. So that's kind of what I did, just wrote songs - though of it like the ones I did for the first record."



Watch Bugg's music video for 'Slumville Sunrise' here: