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Ariana Grande on Nathan Sykes romance: 'Distance doesn't matter when you're this happy'

Songstress Ariana Grande has revealed that being an American dating a British guy can be tough because of the physical separation, but she's currently too happy to care about the distance. 

She is in a relationship with The Wanted's Nathan Sykes and told The Sun newspaper that it's definitely trying to love someone who is often on the opposite side of the world, but they are very into each other so it doesn't bother them:

"We never have to go that long without seeing each other, actually. It’s amazing. It’s very convenient. We have the same management so it’s easy to look at each other’s schedules and pick out a certain time. But we’re not separated for more than a week at a time, usually. But it doesn’t even matter. It’s just such a happy thing. The distance doesn’t really take a toll when you’re that happy."

Earlier this month, the beauty confessed that she's so enamored with the 'Glad You Came' heartthrob that she plans to write songs about him and their romance:

"You best believe I'm going to be writing about him! I'm always going to be as honest I want to be. Music is the greatest form of self-expression. I'm the happiest I've ever been and I'm learning a lot of lessons from this relationship."






Watch Sykes serenade Grande during a recent concert here:


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