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Madonna has no free time to record new album

Madonna who is currently promoting her film 'W.E.' has admitted that her hectic work schedule is playing havoc with her plans to record her new, long-awaited 12th album:

“First I have to go to the studio and record it. For that, I need some free time.”

Madonna recently announced that we should expect a new studio album from her next spring. Her last album, 'Hard Candy' was released three years ago.

The megastar also admitted that the search for perfection is non-conclusive.

The icon said: "Stop striving for perfection because there is no such thing. We have to look beneath the surface and I think that we can’t take it personally and literally. We can’t judge a book by its cover, you have to read the book."

The pop queen also feels that today's obsession with the celebrity is not too healthy: 

“How do you get to know a person? You can’t expect to know who they are by reading an article in a ­magazine about them.

“We live in a society that is obsessed with celebrities and it’s pretty easy to get famous very quickly now. So I think there is an obsession with celebrity and people mistake getting to photograph somebody in their backyard, playing on the swings with their children, as actually some kind of intimacy.

“You don’t really get to know a person that way, because their lives have been intruded upon.

“It’s an illusion,” she concluded. 

'W.E.' will receive its UK premiere next month.

Watch the 'W.E.' conference at the Venice Film Festival below: