Poe Zest – Edgar Alan Poe : Re-Imagined by Mike Bennett

The Bloomsbury, London between Mar 12-17th

Poe Zest – Edgar Alan Poe : Reimagined by Mike Bennett 

Advanced review of the new stage production at The Bloomsbury, London between Mar 12-17th 

Mike Bennett's new reinvention of Poe captures the spirit of the groundbreaking and brilliant American writer, but is liberal in the way he mixes the tales into one cohesive story. 

For instance, The Raven becomes a fully fledged character that incorporates the Poe classic Tell Tale Heart, using a character from the obscure short story Lionizing. The narrative mixes the double meaning of a competition of an appendage contest emanating from the dubious Robert Jones, who used the size of his nose to gain fame and notoriety to court favour in royal circles. His drug-fuelled ploy eventually becomes his downfall when he meets The Black Cat, who haunts him after he stuffs his murdered wife behind the walls of his home.  Instead of being committed to the gallows he escapes the death-penalty in order to take part in the paranoia that is the central theme in The Premature Burial. A very warped affair! 

The audiobook is the best format and has a creepy underscore using classical elements by Guy Cavill. 

The limited season at the Bloomsbury theatre this coming March is sure to be an exciting excursion into the crazy world of a classic writer, reinterpreted for a very British audience.

"This is a production not to be missed" - Kate Schwartz 

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