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Mariah Carey gives advice to hopeful singers: 'Try not to alienate people'

Iconic singer Mariah Carey has revealed that she thinks the music industry today is very difficult to navigate and it doesn't really support or promote any kind of career longevity, which is a shame. 

During a new interview with Gay Vegas magazine, the 'We Belong Together' sensation confessed that she doesn't like it when people tip artists to be 'the next Mariah' because everyone should be embracing their individuality rather than aspiring to be a copy of someone else:

"Everybody should be their own person. The music industry today is a very difficult place to have a long lasting career. Especially if you are trying to be a carbon copy of someone else. The best advice I can give is to work as hard as you can, try not to alienate people, and love what you do!"

When asked if she has future plans to move from music back into acting, Carey admitted that it's definitely something she would enjoy and hopes to do more films at some point: "I would love to! I love acting. It's a totally different way for me to express my creativity."

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