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Nick Cannon pleasures himself to Mariah Carey's music

Nick Cannon has confessed that he and Mariah Carey listen to her music during their love making sessions. 

The television personality called into The Mojo in the Morning radio show and revealed some very intimate details about the couple's bedroom activities, even adding that he pleasures himself to his wife's hits. 

"My wife has made some beautiful music and even on her last album there were a couple songs that she wrote that were kinda like inspired by our intimate times... so we definitely have Mariah Carey playing in the background when those times are in play!"

"Sometimes I just have her music when she's not around - just me and myself!

The incredulous DJ then interrupted Cannon, asking, "wait a sec - hold on... you listen to her music when you're taking care of yourself?!" He replied:

"Absolultely, that's the best way. You know because I travel a lot, it better be her music than anyone else's music!"

Watch Cannon talk about the growth of his twin babies here: