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Mariah Carey voices concerns over Nick Cannon's unsteady health

Mariah Carey has spoken out about her concerns for the health of husband Nick Cannon, who recently stepped down from one of his major work commitments after blood clots were found in his lungs

The presenter and television personality was rushed to hospital at the beginning of the year with kidney failure and has suffered ongoing health issues since, with the most recent causing him to quit his radio show. 

In a new interview with Good Morning America, which aired yesterday (February 22), Carey explained that Cannon's condition has taught them both how precious life really is:

"We didn't know how big a deal it was at that moment. It was a gradual thing. We ended up in a couple hospitals this year already." 

"The best thing I think was the choice that he made to leave the radio show and just focus on 'America's Got Talent' and 'Up All Night. The thing is, he's a young healthy person. It's about changing the lifestyle."




Referring to how unexpected life can often be, Carey added: "Just an awareness of what can really happen to you no matter how young or in great shape you are. I think, like he always does, he's going to turn something that happened into a positive thing."

Watch part of her interview from yesterday's GMA, in which she talks about her weight loss and the death of icon Whitney Houston, below: