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Mariah Carey's technology-savvy twins

'American Idol' judge Mariah Carey has revealed that her baby twins, Moroccan and Monroe, are already picking up on modern technologies such as iPads and computers despite only being 17-months-old.

Her husband, Nick Cannon, told People magazine that their children know how to recognise modern appliances and show an active interest in grabbing his expensive gadgets when he leaves them laying around the house:

"My son was playing with my laptop and he broke it. My kids are already attracted to technology. They want to touch it; they're always reaching for it."

"They love my iPad. That's their generation; they love computers. So it'll be important as they grow older to know what they're doing online, to keep them safe."

"I want my kids to understand that every child isn't as fortunate as they are. I want [them] to grow up helping others. I was raised by my grandmother. We were low-income, but she was always taking in foster kids. She would help anyone, and it was a good lesson for me growing up."




Watch Carey's music video for 'Triumphant (Get 'Em)' below: