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Sunday, June 26, 2016 11:30am ET by  
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Mark Ronson addresses all the Lady Gaga Glastonbury collaboration rumours

Musician and producer Mark Ronson has revealed that the rumours suggesting that Lady Gaga would join him for a surprise Glastonbury performance were true, but the 'Born This Way' icon had another engagement that stopped it from happening. 

Ronson told The Sun newspaper that Gaga's appointment to talk at an event hosted by the Dalai Lama took priority.

He told the publication: "She was going to come but she had to go and meet the Dalai Lama or something crazy. She was close to coming and hanging out in Shangri-La but it didn’t quite happen.”

Back in February, Ronson confirmed details of his new studio sessions with Gaga: "We just spent some time in the studio when she was in London. I know her from just before she got really massive, when she came and sang a song on a Wale record I worked on called 'Chillin'."

"I grew up in New York on the Upper West Side, she did too. She's kind of like a muso at heart. She loves just sitting at a piano and barking orders at a drummer and she has an incredible voice. She's one of the great voices in pop music, so we're going to start with the songs and go from there."

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Watch Ronson and Gaga performing together below:


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