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Mark Ronson speaks of "naive" Amy Winehouse rehab hopes

Mark Ronson has opened up about his friend Amy Winehouse, admitting that he was "naive" to hope that each of her visits to rehab would have been her last.

Winehouse, who passed away in July this year, had a number of stints in rehab facilities, and, in a reflective piece in today's Observer (December 11), Ronson said that he often believed that when she became sober, she would be sober for good.

However, that proved to be the case, with Ronson calling it a "naive and selfish dream". He said:

"Looking back on it now, it's obvious to me that the main reason I enjoyed spending time with Amy in that clinic was because it was so full of hope. In my mind, thinking, "Great, she's sober and this time it's for good. This is how it's always going to be, just like when we met." It was an incredibly naive and somewhat selfish dream which removed anything she was going through emotionally and physically from the scenario. Nevertheless, it was a dream I would happily buy into each time she checked herself in there."




Watch Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse perform together at the 2008 Brit Awards below: