Stefano Bertozzi’s Surprising Music Career With New Upcoming Single ‘Pioggia’

“Stefano puts his passion out there, and is one of the few that is actually doing it”

Sue Marchant – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Italian singer-songwriter Stefano Bertozzi is releasing his new single ‘Pioggia’ on the 21st of October 2016, the first single from his upcoming EP ‘Diversamente’ which is due for release December this year. Though Stefano’s of Italian descent, he emerged in the UK’s music scene; making landmark appearances on BBC Radio and Cambridge 105. Since Stefano Bertozzi made the surprising leap from top-level banker at the European Bank to continental singer-songwriter, Stefano Bertozzi has been all over the world releasing a consistent string of songs that have seen numerous airplays and playlistings including appearances and interviews on BR.FM and BBC Cambridgeshire.

‘Pioggia’ takes us where Stefano Bertozzi left us; with soulful stripped back rhythms and gentle melodies that lift our soul. ‘Pioggia’ is sung with Stefano’s rustic warmth and hooks you in with subtle Johnny-Marr-esque guitar lines woven into the songs motion. ‘Pioggia’ was composed as a result of Stefano Bertozzi’s disdain for the rain. Having already lived in six countries, Stefano’s resided in many varied climates and weather trends; the rainy ones being the worst of them. Stefano Bertozzi didn’t think of pursuing a career in music for a long time. Instead, he became an influential figure in the financial industry. Always keeping music close to his heart but behind closed doors, it wasn’t until his wife and children finally encouraged him to show the world the sound of Stefano Bertozzi.

Stefano Bertozzi has become something of an anomaly; changing what it means to be successful by transcending the ordinary image of industry banker and combining it by becoming a notable singer-songwriter on radio stations across the globe - As Stefano Bertozzi continues to follow his heart’s passion of music to an ever expanding audience of eager listeners, he proves to be a remarkable story that is worth talking about.

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November 14, 2016 7:00pm ET by Mastermind PR  

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