Folk-Rock Band Bluenose B Pays Tribute To The Troubled People At The Edges Of Society


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Indie-Rock artist Bluenose B returns with brand new single ‘Mother’s Love’, due for release on Friday 16th of July alongside an exclusive B-side track ‘Trundle Trolley Blues’. Fresh off the release of their latest critically acclaimed record ‘Harrowby Road’, the new tracks are the leading singles from the upcoming album ‘Lost Estates’, a Folk-influenced musical tribute to the lives of people at the edges of society. Founded in the 1980’s by the Liverpool-based songwriter Stephen Lawson, Bluenose B have seen support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s John Peel and Janice Long, NME, and Liverpool Echo. Both new tracks are co-produced and mastered by Merry Hell’s guitarist John Kettle and feature their versatile lead singer Virginia Kettle.

Bluenose B’s new project portrays the troubled lives of the ordinary people, often forgotten and left behind in contemporary culture. Lyrically-oriented and deeply moving, the tracks are inspired by murder and love, backed by beautiful melodies and tackling issues of knife crime, social inequallity and prejudice in a post-Brexit and post-Covid world. Hauntingly emotive, ‘Mother’s Love’ tells the tragic story of a mother, protecting her son who has stabbed another man to death and facing an impossible moral dilemma. Masterfully utilising Kettle’s haunting vocals as median, the track follows the tragic tale through the eyes of the troubled mother.

Equally melodic and sorrowful, ‘Trundle Trolley Blues’ is a song about two people, dreaming of being left out of society with nothing but their love for each other. The second single is dedicated to that one girl we all know, smiling behind the counter each morning and just happy with her life. Inspired by the rising mistrust in the police and current social structure, Stephen Lawson talks about his upcoming music:

“The new singles “Mother’s Love” and “Trundle Trolley Blues” discuss the trials and tribulations of the “left behind” communities.”

Started as a personal music project back in 1983, Bluenose B have gone through various stylistic changes and a successful touring career. Stephen Lawson’s many years as an active musician intertwine with his personal experience of having grown up in a “lost estate”, and seeing the troubles of his protagonists first hand. Always looking to tell a moving story, the singer-songwriter channels his Folk and Indie Rock sensibilities to depict the issues of the seemingly forgotten people, and raise awareness to multidimensional social issues that need urgent attention by politicians and fellow citizens alike.

Aside from the subtle musical and lyrical nod to Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’, Bluenose B takes influences from the likes of Glass Animals, David Bowie and Prince, to name a few. With lots of new music and stories to tell in his upcoming record ‘Lost Estates’, follow Bluenose B’s socials for news and updates.

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