CJ Brogan Release Nostalgic Electro-Funk New Single 'Stereo Passion'


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London-based electronic producer CJ Brogan is set to release his debut track ‘Stereo Passion’ on 24th of September with accompanying video shot across the vast deserts around Dubai. Launching as an independent singer-songwriter behind a time-defying musical concept with its own story and personality, the rising producer’s first single offers an infectious blend of House, Funk and Disco. Touching upon notions of love, internal conflict and the beauty in the world, ‘Stereo Passion’ is written, performed and produced entirely by CJ Brogan himself, with the video shot and directed by Sergi Fiddes.

In an industry heavily dominated by vanity and viral personalities, CJ Brogan detaches himself from his craft and pushes his music into becoming its own entity. Driven by the romantic notion of art for art’s sake, the producer lets his craft lead the way and shape its own mysterious story. Cleverly playing with the concept in time in both its music and visuals, ‘Stereo Passion’ delivers an uplifting melting pot of sleek Electronic beats, Funk sensibilities and Disco vibes, backed with a video juxtaposing natural desert settings with futuristic aesthetics and props. The single touched upon the notion of duality - in modern-day stereo music, in human nature, in finding one’s significant half like two records spinning in unison. Following the footsteps of the legendary Daft Punk whilst determined to push his music shape its own destiny and stand the test of time, CJ Brogan says:
“Futurism, technology and dreams play a huge role in music for me. I want my sound to be as much a vision into a distant world, whilst also being a personal relatable experience. I use technology to bring the world of the future to the stage of today.”


CJ Brogan started performing when he was 15 years old, and has been constantly evolving ever since to reach the professional attitude and determination of who he is today. Fascinated with technological advancement, he studied Creative Musicianship with focus on the aesthetic differences in analog and digital sounds, delving deep into the intricate world of music production and soundscapes engineering, whilst personally involved in visual arts, holograms, and dreamscapes. Greatly influenced by his stay in the ultra chic modern environment of Dubai, and pouring his futuristic imagination and passion for all things Sci-Fi into his music, ‘Stereo Passion’ is just the start of a musical project set to transport listeners to a time-defying inter-galactic dancefloor of smooth melodies and feelgood vibes.

With a wide range of influences covering global superstars like Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Armand van Helden and Calvin Harris, CJ Brogan is determined to leave a lasting mark on the electronic music scene with his timeless club anthems. Follow his socials for more music and future announcements.

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