UK Rapper Kaphilliated Rises Above Darkness In Self-Reflective New Single 'Loose Energy'


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UK-based rapper Kaphilliated is set to release his new UK Hip-hop single ‘Loose Energy’ on Friday 23rd June 2023. Entirely self-produced, mixed and mastered, the single follows a string of well-attended, high-energy UK shows that have so far helped the artist enter the rap scene in style and deliver his music to the masses.

Growing up in the streets surrounded by colourful characters, Kaphilliated aims to elevate those who have previous experience with the darker sides of life, focusing his message on the troubled youth. The accompanying music video, directed by Kaphilliated himself, captures the raw dark aspects of street life, portraying the artist rapping to a menacing figure and rising above the darkness he had over him. At the heart of the single, Kaphilliated delves into the glamorisation of gang life that is present on social media and its effects on impressionable minds.

Turning his own life around, the young artist first began writing and producing music at 14, using it as a means to escape the unforgiving streets, and ultimately leading him to strive for a good, clean, and happy life. This self-reflective track sees the artist use his own past experiences to shape the themes of the music and promote his message of positivity. A very profound and positive outlook for a young rapper to live by, Kaphilliated quotes:

“It can be challenging not to promote the darker sides of life when talking about personal experiences sometimes but, the overall message regardless of the song is that there are more options out there in life. I understand not every bad situation is solvable but if I can change a mind or thought in a moment of weakness then I have succeeded.”

Kaphilliated states; “Music today is copy and paste, I try to go a step further with my music.” The title of the new single ‘Loose Energy’ sums up his sound well, the track serving us a perfect mix of catchy bops and clever production, using chopped-up vocal samples to add depth to the track and a low melodic chorus that resonates within you. Kaphilliated quotes some of his influences as 2PAC, P Money, and Loyle Carner and this becomes obvious when he speaks from the heart about his own experiences, whilst still creating interesting melodies and captivating music.

Looking now to the future, Kaphilliated hopes now to build on his previous success with this new single, which has been met with an incredibly strong reception thus far. As a young hip-hop artist on the rise who wears his heart on his sleeve, and with a glossy self-made music video currently, put together for the single, be sure to keep an eye on his social media for more information about his music and other future events.


The single follows Kaphilliated’s entry in the rap scene of the UK through gigs and freestyle performances. Shifting his focus on his own original music, entirely produced by him, Kaphilliated dives into the dangers of street life, rapping about the darkness of the glamourisation of gang life particularly in younger people. The accompanying music video, directed by Kaphilliated himself, brings this concept to life with Kaphilliated angrily rapping to a dark figure, personifying the darkness of streetlife and featuring creative warnings to rise above glamourisation of violence.

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