George Aleman is set for His Debut E.P. Release, ‘Back to You’

Matchbox Recordings discovers much more about singer/songwriter George Aleman

So why don't you introduce yourself?

I am a singer/songwriter from Austin Texas. I prefer to write pop/rock music but write different kinds of music including Country, R & B, Alternative, and Christian rock.


How did you get yourself involved in the music scene?

I have been involved in music pretty much all my life. I started singing in Choirs in junior high school and high school. Also went to college and got my degree in Music. I have been a member of the NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Science) which are the people who put the Grammy Awards on every year. Through this group I have met some of the great musicians who I currently work with.  


What are your music influences?

I really like all different kinds of bands. But I prefer to listen to bands like STP, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Daughtry, and Breaking Benjamin.


What's your songwriting method?

It’s different at times. Sometimes the songs just come to me with music and lyrics and sometimes I write with a guitar player or keyboard player. I like to write with strong songwriters.


How was it to work with Michael Morales?

It was a life changing experience. Mike is truly a genius as a singer/songwriter/and producer. I am truly blessed and honored to have worked with him.


So I heard there are rumours Blue October members will be collab with you on a near future? Any heads up you can tell?

I have asked 2 of the members from Blue October to help on my next song and they both have agreed. But until it actually happens I would rather not say who till it’s done. But it will be my next song called “I Will Follow”. Stay Tuned.  


How was it to perform alongside Barry Manilow?

I performed 2 songs with Barry Manilow through my high school Choir (Crocket High School). We sang “I write the Songs” and “One Voice”. We sang at the Frank Erwin Center in front of thousands of people and that is when I knew I wanted to be a singer.   


The ‘Back To You’ E.P. Why dont you tell us more about the writing and recording process?

I started to write that song right after my father died. I co-wrote it with Michael Morales. I wrote it to represent how my mother goes on with her life after my father’s death. If you listen to the lyrics it says things like” I put a smile on for everyone but something always bring me back to you” –so in other words, she is pretending to be okay but something always bring her back to his presence and memory. Mike as the producer hired a band to play on this song. 


Why the title?

 As I said in the previous question, my mother is trying to go on with her life but something always brings my dad’s presence and memory back to her—so many things bring her back to my dad. Hence—Back to You.


So what's next in George Aleman's world?

I plan to go into the studio real soon and record “I will Follow”. Also my focus is to get more radio airplay, hopefully some club plays, more record sales, and hopefully more fans.


 Where can we find more about your music?


Currently I am under Reverbnation and; under my name George Aleman. I am working on a website and will post a link through these sites for now. Also you can download my songs through ITUNES and Also please feel free to write to me through . Thank you so much so this opportunity –I am so honored to be on this magazine. Hope to see you all in the future!!!

August 1, 2013 10:18am ET by Matchbox Recordings Ltd  

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