At Last A New Christmas Song

Transatlantic 5 piece rock band release narrative song about boy who grows up to find true meaning of Chrismtas in his own father's love.

While new films with the old familiar themes of Santa, elves and flying sleighs are rolled out on cinema screens each year, it seems there have been few Christmas songs written since the 1980s. However, the true spirit of Christmas and magical story telling has inspired transatlantic Suburban Myth to produce their forthcoming single Can You Help Me Find My Christmas.


With a writing partnership to make John and Taupin look local, composer and vocalist Derek Daisey lives in Charleston USA and lyricist Phil Wormall is based in Nottingham, UK. Suburban Myth describe themselves as an energetic alternative rock band, currently based in the USA.

Influences for Suburban Myth’s sound include the melodic rock of The Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20 and Shinedown, whereas Ray Davies, Mike Peters and Paul Rodgers have informed the narrative and visual lyric writing of Phil Wormall.

Can You Help Me Find My Christmas is a story about a child who closes their eyes to block out all the tinsel of the commercial Christmas presented to us on the surface to find the real meaning of Christmas. The single will be released on Friday 13 December.


Suburban Myth met on the internet, Lyricist Phil Wormall was looking for a band to bring his stories and statements to life and found Derek Daisey through a music agency. The pair struck up an immediate friendship.

The story of Can You Help Me Find My Christmas, Phil believes, will particularly strike a chord with English children.  It is the story of a boy whose only thoughts at Christmas is presents but as he grows older he searches for the real meaning and then finds it in his own father’s heart and eyes. The real meaning of Christmas; love, hope and strength.   


Phil says Derek has, ‘brought to life a great Christmas story. It builds and builds and then bang, he found it,’ referring to the child’s search for their true Christmas. Derek says he wanted to get the music right to, ‘convey the emotion of the story. Starting from a subtle choir all the way to a rock band and an orchestra’.

Already the music press are responding to the Wormall-Daisey product. Thomas H Green writes for the Telegraph, Mixmag, theartsdesk and Napster.

In Thomas H Green’s opinion, Suburban Myth, ‘have a tasty way with a trad-indie-alt-rock tune and there’s a rising taste for this…in the face of cheesy dance-pop...I expect I’d enjoy them live, but they appear to have potential…”


“They are the kind of band you’ll be lucky enough to see up close and personal in a small venue, as a growing name… Until they hit the mega bucks, and they’ll be headlining festivals before you know it,” writes Suzie Kidger in News Reviews.

Damian Burke of Doughnut Magazine says,“Suburban Myth’s brand of rock, alternative, is exactly what sells. With sing-a-long melodies, conventional structures and a radio friendly quality, there’s little to stop this band becoming a household name in time to come.”

The single can be bought from all digital media websites.

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