Naomi Sky Releases "Heart on My Sleeve"


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Naomi Sky is back with a heartfelt new single titled, "Heart on My Sleeve." Available now here:

Similar to her earlier single this year, "With You," "Heart on My Sleeve" is a dulcet love song. "Heart on My Sleeve" is an empowering Dream Pop/Dance-Pop track that Naomi Sky lets her guard down on and belts out a powerful message in a fun way.

"Heart on My Sleeve" is an anthem for introverts and those who have trouble wearing their heart on their sleeve. "'Heart on My Sleeve' is all about embracing vulnerability and the new feeling that comes with opening up to someone you love for the first time." Naomi Sky continues, "I hope this song inspires people who are more introverted to be open and honest, and express their feelings and desires, especially when it comes to love."

Naomi Sky once again linked up with producer Quentin Thelen to create "Heart on My Sleeve." The beat takes elements from various genres of music. Naomi Sky uses her tender, intimate vocals and deep, impassioned lyrics to craft an incredible body of work. Naomi Sky is currently in the studio working on her debut album. While Naomi Sky is back in the lab on her quest to prove the sky is no limit, continue to jam out to her latest single and heart-eye "Heart on My Sleeve."

"Heart on My Sleeve" is available now here:


Naomi Sky is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and model that is originally from Arlington, Virginia, but grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Naomi Sky is a recent graduate of the University of Miami, where she attended the Frost School Of Music. She is known for her honest and introspective lyrics. Her music explores all facets of herself. As Naomi Sky puts it: "We all play many different roles in life, and every unique role that we play, every part of us, makes up the whole. Life is a combination of logic and magic.” Naomi Sky's music is deeply rooted in love, faith, loyalty, curiosity, self-exploration, and embracing the unknown. Her songs have been featured in various media outlets. Naomi Sky is currently working on her debut album that is slated to be released in 2022. As she ascends in the music industry, Naomi Sky hopes to further serve as a beacon of inspiration to individuals struggling to accept, celebrate, and release their emotions and be unapologetically themselves.

October 8, 2021 8:40am ET by M.E.I. Recordings  

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