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Last month, rising DJ and producer ASPEN kicked off the month with his debut single, "Start Over." ASPEN is already back with another sensational record, "Sweetest Mistake." "Sweetest Mistake" is a lively EDM song that contains captivating Electronic sounds, masterful builds, transitions, and drops, and melodious, emotive vocals courtesy of budding singer-songwriter JWild.

"Sweetest Mistake" has a vulnerable yet upbeat tone to it. The vibrant record tackles the subjects of love and relationships. The title of the single alludes to its synopsis. "'Sweetest Mistake' explores the bittersweet journey of falling for someone that can't be trusted," ASPEN explains. ASPEN captures the essence of the record through the dynamic soundscape. Although the record highlights the tumultuous nature of toxic relationships, it provides listeners with a beautiful, uplifting feeling, which urges listeners to dance, have fun, and never give up on searching for love.

ASPEN not only produced "Sweetest Mistake," but he also had a hand in writing the song alongside JWild; thus, showcasing the brilliance and awe-inspiring talents that ASPEN possesses. "Sweetest Mistake" is only ASPEN's sophomore single. The rising star has much more in store. Next month, ASPEN is releasing his third single, "Endgame," which features soon-to-be superstar Liv Hanna. ASPEN is proving that 2024 is his year, and it would be a mistake to sleep on ASPEN and his sweet tunes.


Miami-based ASPEN is not just a DJ and producer - he's an institution in the vibrant nightlife of one of the world’s most electric cities. Known for his dynamic sets and pulse-pounding beats, ASPEN is a perennial favorite at Miami's top nightclubs, where his performances are synonymous with unforgettable nights out. However, ASPEN's influence extends far beyond the local scene. With performances in eight different countries and over fifteen cities worldwide, he has captivated audiences on a global scale, bringing his unique blend of energy and rhythm to every corner of the dance music world. Whether in the heart of Europe or the beaches of Southeast Asia, ASPEN's music transcends boundaries, making him a beloved figure in the international DJ community. The rising talent has ventured off of the stage and has now begun releasing singles for his fans to play on a loop. ASPEN's latest single, "Sweetest Mistake," demonstrates exactly why he has become a global phenom.

May 21, 2024 10:53am ET by M.E.I. Recordings  

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