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Mel C: 'Matt Cardle is the most incredible vocalist I've sang with'

Hitmaker Melanie C has confessed that former 'X Factor' winner Matt Cardle is by far the most talented singer she has worked with to date. 

Speaking about working with Cardle, who is currently seeking treatment for prescription painkiller addiction, on their collaborative single 'Loving You', she explained that he's a fantastic artist and she was excited to be in the studio with him. 

The Spice Girls beauty described him as "the most incredible vocalist I’ve sang with", adding that "he really is the most talented singer". When asked if their obvious music video chemistry translated into anything in reality, she said that it was "only on screen!"

During the interview with London's Metro, Mel C also opened up about her solo career as a recording artist and admitted that she misses it: "I've missed working as a solo artist and miss my band so I want to work on a new album. Hopefully, my future lies in music, theatre, performing - I'm a triple threat."

"I've always been ambitious and was lucky enough to enjoy massive success with the Spice Girls. But when you have that sort of success, you feel you have to be your absolute best to deserve it. Sometimes it can be a burden. It's nice to be more relaxed." 






Watch the music video for 'Loving You' here: