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Mel C left with "mental scars" from Spice Girls arguments

Songstress Melanie C has opened up about the relationship between the members of the Spice Girls and revealed that when they were together as a group they used to fight a lot.

Speaking to Heat magazine, she explained that although none of the clashes were physical she feels as though a lot of their arguments left them with "mental scars":

"It hardly ever got physical actually. Me and Melanie B used to get a bit pushy-shovey but we're talking years ago."

"We've had some humdinger rows and some raised voices, but I don't think anythings ever been thrown - no injuries inflicted on each other - only mental scars!"

She added that despite everything they've been through they're now great friends and enjoy being together: "No matter what's happened in the past, we love and accept each other. I always laugh most when I'm around them."




Watch her music video for 'Think About It' below: